1 - One Camera, One Lens, One Light

RJ Bradbury Photography - Studio Shoot Event Template
RJ Bradbury Photography - Studio Shoot Event Template
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1 - One Camera, One Lens, One Light


Lets get back to simplicity. 

It's time to leave the bag of gear at home and just bring One Camera & One Lens. 

Make Portraits. 

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It’s time to kick start the studio events and workshops again…. .Let’s get things started.

Have you ever just wanted to grab a camera, lens and one light and just go shoot?  I have and do as often as I can.  You can free yourself from that large roller bag or heavy ruck sack full of gear.

During this Studio Event we will be doing just that.

The evening will be spent both outside shooting available light and inside working in studio if the weather dictates so.

Think simple, think small kit. Make great portraits.  The less gear we have with us the more it can free us up to connect with a client or subject. 

Event Type: Studio Event
Date: Wed 19th July 2017
Time: 7:15pm – 10:15pm

Model - TBC

The Gear

This is the hard part.  Which camera and lens do you bring?   You love them all…. Arrggh which one.

1. One camera.. ONE.  It can be crop sensor or Full Frame but does need to have a hot shoe so it can work with wireless triggers.

2. One Lens. This is your call but I challenge you to bring that little used lens or that new lens you don’t know yet.  Change it up.. limit yourself and challenge yourself.

3. I got us covered on the light front.  We will be using my lights, triggers and modifiers.

4. Card & Fully charged battery.

5. Oh don’t forget your good self and a willingness to shoot 😊

Let’s head on out with a simple kit and Make Portraits.

Total Spaces: 6

See you on the 19th