Mini Workshop - Composition

RJ Bradbury Photography - Mini workshop- Compositoin
RJ Bradbury Photography - Mini workshop- Compositoin

Mini Workshop - Composition


Mini Workshop – Composition

02 June 2018 (Sat)
Time: 11am – 3pm
Spaces: 5
Model: TBA


RJ Bradbury Photography
Unit 1, Ground Floor
Woodbank works
Turncroft Lane

Book me a negative space :)

The Workshop

For this mini workshop we will be focusing on composition, during which we will cover how to build a balanced frame and use several compositional tools/techniques like…

Rule of thirds.
Negative Space.
Shape & Form
Symmetry / Asymmetry.
Frame within a frame
Leading Lines.
Head in a clean spot.

Our canvas as photographers is our sensor/viewfinder and we have full control over what is seen and not to build a balanced photograph and to tell a story.

Let’s take control and build those composition’s we want to.  

The first hour will be spent on the theory and then we get to shoot.. a lot both in studio and on location.  I will provide feedback and show how to build a well composed photograph during the 3 hours of getting to work at the camera.

No fix it later crop in post.  WE will work to get in framed and composed in camera but will understand the what and the why of the process.

I seriously cannot wait for this one.

Gear You Will Need

1. Note Pad
2. Brain.
3.Coffee – I got that.
4. Camera, batteries, cards
5. Lenses – Wide to telephoto.

Let’s do this.