Mini Workshop - The Seamless Of White

RJ Bradbury Photography - Mini workshop - The Seamless Of White
RJ Bradbury Photography - Mini workshop - The Seamless Of White

Mini Workshop - The Seamless Of White


If you have ever wondered how photographers get that clean white seamless look in a studio then this is the workshop for you. 

We will be looking at the technical, setup, space considerations of shooting white seamless.

I have opened up one extra space for this workshop.

5 Spaces total. 

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Cost: £45
Date: 25th Nov 2017
Time: 11am till 3pm
Location: RJ Bradbury Photography
Unit 1, Ground Floor
Woodbank works
Turncroft Lane

White seamless has been around for years, its a classic look and setup that will be used still for years to come. 

There are a few reasons that I like it myself. 

  1. It's clean.
  2. The shot is about the subject only.
  3. It's timeless.
  4. Works well in colour or B&W.
  5. It gives you options in post.

That said it comes with its challenges.  If you want to pull this off in your 9ft x9ft back bedroom you won't be able to but during this workshop I will show you how to get it setup and cover what kind of space you need to pull this off. 

We will be looking at...

  1. The Space.
  2. The Setup
  3. Lighting
  4. Uses for White Seamless.
  5. Getting this done with speedlites.

You will get the chance to dial in a setup your self and shoot.  I want you to take away a practical experience whilst learning this.

Gear Needed...

  • You. :)
  • Your Camera + a coupe or portrait lenses 50mm to 100mm. 
  • Batteries and Cards
  • A willingness to learn. 

You won't need a tripod or any of your lights as we will be using mine.

Spaces: 5

Examples of White seamless images can be seen below. See you at the workshop.