#ShopTalk - Critique

#ShopTalk Critique Event Ad
#ShopTalk Critique Event Ad

#ShopTalk - Critique


#ShopTalk – Critique Event

#ShopTalk Is back and for the first event of 2018 it’s time to get real.  For this event will be critiquing each other’s portfolios and websites.


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Date: Sat 05/05/2018
Time: 10am till 2pm
Cost: £12
Space: 6

RJ Bradbury Photography
Unit 1, Ground Floor
Woodbank works
Turncroft Lane

Event Open To: All levels (photographers, models) but you will get more from it if you are building a body of work or have one together already.  You must have a portfolio based on a website not a Flickr or Facebook Album.

You website is your online home, your book needs to live in that home.

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The way the event will work is you will get to introduce yourself, what your shoot, where you want to go with your photography in the future.  After this it’s time for you to sit down and listen to the group critique your website and work.

Everyone will get a turn including me.

Feedback can be scary, but it can also be a very powerful tool as a creative. 

This is a straight to the point critique session with no fluff or hand holding.  Get ready to take it on the chin and dish out feedback yourself.

Let’s all grow together.

Feel free to bring what elements you feel that you need to, bring a note pad, bring tissues (I’m kidding… maybe).  We will be reviewing the portfolios and website on the studios laptop and monitor (which is calibrated) so no prints are required.

Refreshments will be provided but if you have any dietary requirements feel free to bring your own.

RJ Bradbury Photography