Studio Shoot Event - The Other Side

RJ Bradbury Photography - Studio Shoot Event - The Other Side
RJ Bradbury Photography - Studio Shoot Event - The Other Side

Studio Shoot Event - The Other Side


Event Title: The Other Side

Wed 11th July 2018
7:15 – 10:15pm
Model: YOU

OMG A Lens! [ Ok Ok Book Me In ]


RJ Bradbury Photography
Unit 1, Ground Floor
Woodbank works
Turncroft Lane

Event Info

At this studio shoot event it’s time you stepped in front of a lens. 

You will be getting a firsthand experience of what is it like to have your portrait taken by photographing each other.. that’s right each other.  You will pair up and photograph each other then you will repeat with another person.

    “ A Portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it”  - Edward Steichen

    “ Every portrait is a war, between the sitters vanity, and the photographer guile.” – unknown

It’s important for us as photographers to understand what it’s like being in the position of the subject and at this event you will find out just that.

I will setup multiple sets ready for people to use and I will have a portable kit that can be taken outside if needs be. During the event I will be on hand to offer any technical assistance required but you need to work to get a portrait of that person in front of your lens.

At the end of the event I will shoot an individual portrait of everyone attending.

If numbers are not even I will make up any pairs as required. 

Who’s ready to step out of their comfort zone?

Gear Required

1. You
2. Your Camera (DSLR or Mirrorless)
3. 1-2 Lenses that cover wide to medium telephoto.
4. Batteries and Cards
5. A comb or mirror.
6. Makeup ?  😊  

I look forward to seeing you at the event.