Photography Services + Prices
(some jobs will need custom quotes based on assignment requirements and travel /accommodation required)

Below is the info for the photography services that I provide here at RJ Bradbury Photography, these services cover a range of photography.

Portrait, Commercial, Editorial
Head Shots
Family Portraits
Event Photography

If you would like to contact me to discuss your requirements further you can do so via my contact page or by using the details below.

Mobile: 07763418761

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Portrait, Commercial, Editorial

A portrait and strong images can say a lot about a person or group of people/band as well as a business, it's important to get the right type of images to fit your needs and the final use.  I can provide portraits & images that are light and open through to something darker and more dramatic or something to suite your brand and business needs.  We will discuss your requirements before hand to make sure all requirements are met and questions answered.

Below are my rates for 1/4, 1/2, 1/1 Day.  The best option will depend on what you personally need and how much time is needed to complete the job, photographing at multiple locations will take more than a 1/4 day for example.

Shoots can be done in studio & location or with a mix of the two. 

Prints can be provided at additional cost please ask for a quote.

If you book a studio session we can of course work on location near by or travel to a location but this will eat in to the shoot time. 

Make-up & hair can be arranged with a local Make Up Artist/Hair Stylist and will be at additional cost, please understand this cost can vary as it will depend who can be booked and what they charge. If you have your own MUA/Hair Stylist then please let me know ahead of the shoot date, the studio has a changing room and space for them to work. 

Images will be delivered digitally but can also be delivered on USB memory stick or a portable hard drive upon request. Please note the USB memory stick or hard drive will be quoted for in addition to the prices below and will be your's to keep once delivered.  Recorded delivery if requested will also be charged for. 

I will also provide a private password protected gallery where images can be proofed for editing and final images can be uploaded for download.  Prints if required can also be ordered directly from this private cllient gallery. 

1/4 Day - 2hr shoot time, post production + delivered images. £185  
During a 1/4 day booking a number of looks can be covered for an individual but it would not allow any time for make-up or more complex lighting/location usage.  For a individual I can cater for some studio and some location shots nearby to the studio or in the local Stockport area.

1/2 Day - 4hr shoot time, post production + delivered images. £310  
This is better for larger shoots and will allow for more outfit changes/more locations and variety and would allow time for simple make-up. It will also allow more time for travel to other locations if required.

1/1 Day - 6-8hr shoot time post production + delivered images.  £495  
With this being a full day it will allow for much larger projects and give time for make up, prep and shoot. Assignments like photographing head-shots or portraits of groups/teams or the time to work in studio and on multiple locations during the day as well as time to scout potential shooting areas within the locations. 

The pricing above includes shoot/travel time and delivered images for use on web and print media limited to the UK only and I retain the copyright. If your project requires multiple days/shoots, equipment rental or additional licencing agreements / copyright release a custom quote will be provided.

You can contact me regarding your booking here to discuss your requirements further. 

Head Shots (Individual, Corporate and Teams)

Head shots are more important than most people think.  They are not only required for Music and Film industries but can be a great addition in the following industries/areas as well. 

Corporate and Small Business Individuals.
Authors & Editors.
Professional social media profile photographs to create the right impression. 

Head shots can be made using natural light or with flash as required. They can also be shot and edited to suit your requirements. 

Some regions/industries may want black & white others colour or some require horizontal whilst others vertical head shots. It is worth considering the final use and what that casting director is looking for when booking your session.  I will of course ask you questions to understand exactly what you need when you enquire. 

I also recommend bringing a few outfits that are not only comfortable but also applicable to the casting/industry you are getting the head shots for.  We will start the session confirming what you require and look at outfits and answer any further questions you may have.

Since each head shot session will be different than the next I offer a range of options, this is to allow for quicker and less complex session and also longer sessions to allow more looks to be achieved. The head shot sessions can be held in studio for individuals or on location for corporate jobs.  Before each I offer a consultation via phone or email to discuss what you want from your session. 

Image proof's are provided in the form of a private online gallery and the final images can also be downloaded from this gallery once uploaded. Should you require prints of your head shots you can also order those directly. 

Head Shot Prices

 [ Individual In Studio ]

Perfect for actors, individuals and small business people. I offer a range of packages below. 

1 Hour Head Shot

  • 1 Hour Session. (1-2 Outfit Changes) 
  • 3 Retouched Images
  • Online Proofing Gallery with in 2 working days
  • Option to select images via tether at the studio
  • Images delivered via secure online folder
  • Optional Makeup Artist - £45 Additional


2 Hour Head Shot
(Same as 1 hour +)

  • 2 Hour Session (3-4 Outfit Changes & Time for shots under studio lighting and natural light)
  • 5 Retouched Images
  • Optional Makeup Artist - £60 Additional


3 Hour Head Shot
(Same as 1 hour +)

  • 3 hours Session ( Multiple looks with studio light or natural light)
  • 8 Retouch Images
  • Online Gallery with in 3 working days. 
  • Optional Makeup Artist £75 Additional


 [ Corporate On Location ]

The package options below are set-up for larger businesses and corporations with multiple employees that can't afford the time to have staff leaving site to get head shots updated. I will come to your location/office to get your head shot's taken care of.  I understand that whilst the job needs to be done right it needs to be done efficiently. 

Before the session I will check that the room/ office space has enough room for the job at hand and will confirm time scales/arrival times with you.  Usually liaising with the HR department or Marketing department to get all the details ironed out.  

Weather you need a head shot of the CEO or a whole team, I have options to fit below. I am also available to create team/group photos. 

Please note that some jobs will require and assistant and rental of equipment.  Custom quotes will be given for such commissions and I recommend contacting me first to discuss your requirements before booking via my contact page.

Prices below cover Stockport & Greater Manchester, (with in 25 miles of my Stockport studio) for job further afield I will quote additional travel costs (0.75p/mile) and if required overnight stays. 

Makeup artists can be provided if required for individual or team jobs. Separate quoted will be provided. Please

Image proof's are provided in the form of a private online gallery and the final images can also be downloaded from this gallery once uploaded. Should you require prints of your head shots you can also order those directly. 

1 Hour Head Shot on Location

A 1 hour head-shot session for an individual or CEO to provide a selection of professional head shots for company literature,web or events. 

  • 1 Hour Session. (1-2 Outfit Changes) 
  • 3 Retouched Images
  • Online Proofing Gallery with in 2 working days
  • Images delivered via secure online folder


2 Hour Head Shot Session on Location
(Same as 1 hour +). also suitable for a small team (up-to 4 people) 

  • 2 Hour Session (3-4 Outfit Changes & Time for shots under studio lighting and natural light)
  • Minimum of 5 Retouched Images of each person. 


4 Hour Head Shot Session on Location
(Same as 2 hour +) - Suitable for a larger team (Up-To 6)

  • A 4 Hour Session provides more time to cover more people or provide options of studio lit head shots as well as natural light head shots. This package also provides time for outfit and location changes if required.
  • Minimum of 5 Retouched images of each person. 
  • Photographers assistant may be required depending on the logistics needed. 


Larger Corporate/Business Teams (More than 6 People) - Full Day or More.

Please contact me for a quote and to discuss your requirements further.The quote will be provided based on distance, number of staff head shots required and requirement of a photography assistant (if needed).  Quote prices will start based on the following.

7-12 Staff Member £70/person

13-20 Staff Members £60/person

For teams with more than 20 people please enquire here providing as much information as you can. 


Family Portraits

Many people have never had a portrait session with all the family in one place.  Sure we have 100's of pictures on our smart phones but its nothing like a high quality Family portrait that can be printed large and hung at home.  I offer Family portrait services both in studio and on location.  

Whether it's portraits of the whole family or just the kids I can provide you with images and an experience to remember.  

I recommend picking appropriate clothing ahead of time, think about colours and what each family member is wearing.  You can also bring a change of clothes to change things up.

You can see the Family Portraits Gallery - Here

Family Studio Session (2 Hours)  £175.00

Along with the session you will receive.

3 - 9 x 6 Prints  (Additional Prints £30 Each)
1 - Set of 6 x 4 Prints (Additional Sets £20 Each)
Private online gallery to share with family and friends. (Additional prints can be ordered also)
USB Drive With Web Sized Images on (For Facebook or Phone) presented in a Presentation Box
Private online gallery that can be shared with Family and Friends. 
Additional prints plus (Canvas, Mounted, Metal Options) can be ordered via your online gallery. 

You can even bring your family pet.

You can contact me regarding your session here

Events (Personal, PR, Corporate)

Events (Family, Birthdays, Corporate, PR) 

If you or your business has an event that you would like covered I can help. Not matter if it is a family birthday party or a corporate event RJ Bradbury Photography can capture it all for you. 

Images are delivered digitally on-line and also on USB memory stick for safe keeping, I also provide a secure gallery of the event photos for people to view. Please note that events are archived for no longer than 12 months and the secure event galleries are accessible for up-to 2 months after the event. 

2 Hours  (1 Photographer)  £150.00
4 Hours  (1 Photographer)  £250.00
8 Hours  (1 Photographer)  £375.00

Background Set-Up - If your event requires a background set where people can pose in groups for photographs and use fun props this can be arranged at an additional cost of £75.00. Also if a second photographer is required that will be quoted for per event.

Before the event I will discuss what is required (Images, Dress Code, Arrangements) with you and confirm the booking, if you have any questions I am more than happy to answer them for you.

To enquire about event photography please use my contact page

I Look forward to meeting and working with you. 

Thank You

RJ Bradbury