Portraits/Editorial/Commercial (Day Rate Bookings)

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Day Rate Bookings - Portraits Editorial - Web Store.jpg

Portraits/Editorial/Commercial (Day Rate Bookings)

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You can book my services for...

Portraits (Individual, Group/Band, Business).

(Some assignments will require a custom quote)

Depending on the assignment and or images required the amount of time booked will vary.  I recommend contacting me before booking as each shoot will require a different amount of time to complete. 

You can contact me here.  


1/4 : 1/2 : 1/1 Day:
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Portraits (Individual, Group/Band, Business) / Editorial / Commercial.

A portrait and strong images can say a lot about a person or group of people as well as a business, so it's important to get the right type of images to fit your needs and the final use.  I can provide portraits & images that are light and open through to something darker and more dramatic.  We will discuss your requirements before hand to make sure all requirements are met and questions answered.

Below are my rates for 1/4, 1/2, 1/1 Day.  The best option will depend on what you personally need and how much time is needed to complete the job, photographing 50 staff members will take more than a 1/4 day for example.  

Shoots can be done in studio or on location or with a mix of the two. 

Prints can be provided at additional cost please ask for a quote.

If you book a studio session we can of course work on location near by or travel to a location but this will eat in to the shoot time. 

Make-up & hair can be arranged with a local Make Up Artist/Hair Stylist and will be at additional cost, please understand this cost can vary as it will depend who can be booked and what they charge. If you have your own MUA/Hair Stylist then please let me know ahead of the shoot date, the studio has a changing room and space for them to work. 

Images will be delivered digitally but can also be delivered on USB memory stick or a portable hard drive upon request. Please note the USB memory stick or hard drive will be quoted for in addition to the prices below and will be your's to keep once delivered.  Recorded delivery if requested will also be charged for. 

1/4 Day - 2hr shoot time, post production + delivered images. £185
During a 1/4 day booking a number of looks can be covered for an individual but it would not allow any time for make-up or more complex lighting/location usage.  For a individual I can cater for some studio and some location shots nearby to the studio or in the local Stockport area.

1/2 Day - 4hr shoot time, post production + delivered images. £310
This is better for larger shoots and will allow for more outfit changes/more locations and variety and would allow time for simple make-up. It will also allow more time for travel to other locations if required.

1/1 Day - 6-8hr shoot time post production + delivered images.  £495
With this being a full day it will allow for much larger projects and give time for make up, prep and shoot. Assignments like photographing head-shots or portraits of groups/teams or the time to work in studio and on multiple locations during the day as well as time to scout potential shooting areas within the locations. 

If your project requires multiple days/shoots or additional licencing agreements or copyright release a custom quote will be provided accordingly. 

Thank You