Hello & Welcome.

I'm Rick a Stockport (UK) based photographer. 

It's been said that I have a thing for dramatic light.. and that would be true but I enjoy making photographs and capturing the real person more, a real laugh or reaction makes for a great portrait.

A lot of my work is done in camera with light but it's the work done on set/location and the collaboration of everyone involved that makes it happen. 

Whether you need portraits on location, at your place of work or in studio I have you covered.

I have photographed a child for a client from 3 months until 5 years old. Photographed my Gran's 100th birthday & provided portraits & images for local families, business and bands as well as covered open days and events for local business. 

During the last 4 years I have run events at a few local studios / spaces to help other photographers and now provide 121 training and workshops as well. 

You can also see the personal projects that I am working on [ here ] and see behind the scenes [ here ]. I look forward to meeting and working with you.

Thank You

What kind of  work do you shoot?

The work I shoot can range from family portraits in home/studio or on location, to group portraits for a band or a local business & individuals.

I am also available for editorial commissions and commercial work including product. 

You can see more details about my services here.

Can you shoot at my location (Home, Office, Place of Work)? 

Yes I sure can but sometimes it is better working in a dedicated studio space, this is due to space limitations found in some some homes and offices. This of course depends on what type of portraits/photography that is required as the equipment & space needed will vary. Please contact me for any further questions/requirements. 

Can you provide more than portraits for my business/organization?

Absolutely. I understand that your business may need more than simple staff portraits or group shots, this can range from event cover to a photo journalistic approach to photographing your business and staff at work so that you are delivering the right brand message to your customers. 

Do you provide training for other photographers? 

Yes I do. In 2015 I launched my first workshop (Let's Get This Lit) as well as 121 training, I have also continued to develop my #ShopTalk events which I run to give back to the photographic community that continue to help and support me and my craft. 

You can find out what Workshops/Events are running on my Training & Events Page but if you have a specific requirement for some 121 training please contact me to discuss your requirements further. 

Where is your studio based?

The Studio is now open (as of June 2015) and is based in Offerton, Stockport which is just 10 miles outside of Manchester.  Stockport train and bus stations are a 15-10 minuet walk away or a short Taxi ride if using public transport. 

You can find the full address and a map on the Contact / Location Page.

How much will it cost?

This will depend on the assignment in some cases but I do have set rates for some type of work that can be found on my Services + Prices page. .

How long will the shoot last?

This can vary depending on the assignment at hand but they tend to range from 1 hour to 4 hours shooting time.  If you are after a simple head shot for your website then its a shorter shoot when compared to say a band with multiple outfits and locations involved or portraits/headshots for a larger team of staff. 

If you have any further questions you can contact me either via phone or email and I would be happy to answer them for you. 

Thank You

Workshops & Events



One Light Night workshop for Ian's Studio Stockport.

Off Camera Flash Event for Romiley Strobists photography group.

Strobist Meet for Ian's Studio (2nd Instructor).

White Seamless - Event lead for a local studio working on white seamless set techniques. 


Multi Strobe Event for a local studio. 

Light Painting workshop for the Northwest Shutterbugs. 

Meetup joint lead for New To Photo - Photo Walk. 


Learn to use your flash. 2nd Instructor for a local studio. 

On Location With Sarah - An on location flash workshop event for a local studio.

Night Photography Workshop - Assistant Instructor for Ian's Studio. 

An evening with Ammi-Rose - Event lead for a local studio.

Wide Open Night - Event lead for a local studio.  

Mystery Model Event - Event lead for a local studio. 

Shadows & Patterns Event for a local studio. 

Ambient + Flash workshop for Northwest Shutterbugs photography group. 

Black & White Night - Event for a local studio. I was a second instructor. 


Drama Through Lighting - Even lead for a local studio.

Online critique videos for other photographers. 

#ShopTalkV1 - Networking event for photographers. 


Beauty with a purpose charity event.  

#DBLTAKE Studio Event.

LGTL (Lets's Get This Lit) workshop. 

#ShopTalkV2 - Networking event and critique session. 

#ShopTalkSocial - A networking event for local creative's

I am also open to run workshops or provide talks for local camera clubs and associations.  More information can be found here.