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Welcome to RJ Bradbury Photography, I’m Rick Bradbury.

Since starting in photography, I’ve been fascinated by the process and the craft of producing an image.

As the style of my work has developed over the years, I’m often told that it has a bold, authentic feel to it. It’s rewarding taking a headshot or portrait that captures an individual’s personality; I believe that the most authentic pictures are produced when a laugh or natural reaction takes centre stage.

Throughout my career so far, I’ve been fortunate to be presented with opportunities to work on a range of interesting projects, during which time, I’ve met a variety of fantastic people.

The skills I have gained over the years have allowed me to produce images for clients on time and within project budgets. I’ve enjoyed working with some amazing companies and brands to produce the images they need; at a standard they deserve.

Whilst working from my Stockport-based studio, I have accumulated a varied portfolio, producing work both in-house and on location for my clients.

Every photographer adopts their approach to their practice. Nevertheless, I believe that a strong relationship between a client and the photographer is fundamental in producing a product to be proud of.

When not working for clients I enjoy helping others within my industry via group workshops and 121 training sessions.

I look forward to working with you and your team.

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