Hello & Welcome.

I'm Rick a Stockport (UK) based photographer. 

It's been said that I have a thing for dramatic light.. and that would be true but I enjoy making photographs and capturing the real person more. A real laugh or reaction makes for a great portrait.

A lot of the work I do is in camera and with light, however it's the work done on set/location and the collaboration of everyone involved that makes it happen. 

If you need portraits on location, at your place of work or in studio I have you covered. I have photographed a child for a client from 3 months until 7 years old, covered weddings/events and worked with countless people to provide head shots & portraits for them or their business.

During the last 6 years I have run events at a few local studios / spaces to help other photographers and now provide 121 training and workshops as well. 

I look forward to meeting and working with you.

Thank You

Workshops & Events



One Light Night workshop for Ian's Studio Stockport.

Off Camera Flash Event for Romiley Strobists photography group.

Strobist Meet for Ian's Studio (2nd Instructor).

White Seamless - Event lead for a local studio working on white seamless set techniques. 


Multi Strobe Event for a local studio. 

Light Painting workshop for the Northwest Shutterbugs. 

Meetup joint lead for New To Photo - Photo Walk. 


Learn to use your flash. 2nd Instructor for a local studio. 

On Location With Sarah - An on location flash workshop event for a local studio.

Night Photography Workshop - Assistant Instructor for Ian's Studio. 

An evening with Ammi-Rose - Event lead for a local studio.

Wide Open Night - Event lead for a local studio.  

Mystery Model Event - Event lead for a local studio. 

Shadows & Patterns Event for a local studio. 

Ambient + Flash workshop for Northwest Shutterbugs photography group. 

Black & White Night - Event for a local studio. I was a second instructor. 


Drama Through Lighting - Even lead for a local studio.

Online critique videos for other photographers. 

#ShopTalkV1 - Networking event for photographers. 


Beauty with a purpose charity event.  

#DBLTAKE Studio Event.

LGTL (Lets's Get This Lit) workshop. 

#ShopTalkV2 - Networking event and critique session. 

#ShopTalkSocial - A networking event for local creative's

I am also open to run workshops or provide talks for local camera clubs and associations.  More information can be found here.