1 2 1 Photography Training Session/hr

121 Training - Store Image Oct 2017
121 Training - Store Image Oct 2017

1 2 1 Photography Training Session/hr

from 35.00

Hello & Welcome,

Need help with your photography but don't like the group workshops or events?. This may just be the thing for you. 

121 Training is a more personal approach to photography training and I can cater to help your with photography for You . Your Business . Your Craft.

When starting out in photography we have a lot to learn.

  • Our Cameras Basic Functions
  • Photography Fundamentals (Exposure, Metering, Depth Of Field (to names a few)
  • Lenses and Focal lengths. What do they do.
  • Composition
  • Lighting (Natural or Studio/Flash)
  • Interacting with a subject or client (portraits)
  • Adobe Lightroom & Digital Workflow.
  • Colour Calibration. 
  • Camera & Lens Calibration.

The above list is just for starters, photography brings with it more to learn.

Workshops are a great learning environment but some people don't like them and would prefer a 121 based session that is more personalised to their needs, not to mention workshops are on a set date that can't be changed. 

The 121 Training Sessions can be 1-8 hours long or you can book a 1 hour session on one date and another at a later date.  They will be hands on practical sessions, it's about finding where your weaknesses lie and putting you to work to solve them, I will walk you through what is required then get you to shoot images to start to figure the problems out.  It's hands on get to work learning. 

If the session requires a model or subject then one can be provided at extra cost, please note that cost will vary depending on who can be booked and the number of hours you book for your 121 Training Session. 

RJ Bradbury

Book Your 1 2 1

Additional Info. (Please Read Carefully)

I would recommend speaking to me first about what you require and the date you are looking at. That way we can confirm what you need, cost and of course availability of us both before you book/pay. 

You can book 1 hour - 8 hours currently., if you book a full 8 hours the sessions can be scheduled in on different dates as required and you can use any number of those 8 hours on any of the dates until all 8 hours are gone.  I want to build this around you so you get what you want and need from it. 

If you book a 121 Training session and cancel the follow charges apply. 

1 Months Notice - £10 Charge with the reminder to be refunded
2 Weeks Notice - £20 Charge with the remainder to be refunded. 
1 Weeks Notice - £25 Charge. 
48 Hours Notice - £50 Charge with remainder to be refunded (for 2  hour+ sessions booked). If you have booked a 1 hour session the charge will be the full cost of the session (£35). 

Why the charges? This is due to the time required to prepare the session as well as admin costs. If you need to reschedule a session I am happy to accommodate.

If your session requires a model then those costs will be communicated prior to booking and will be charged for separately with payment via bacs or cash upon arrival. The reason for this is the cost of models can vary depending on model availability and or areas the session is being run.  

Please email me with what you are looking to work on via rick@rjbradbury.com or via the contact page

I look forward to helping you develop your photography further. 

Thank You
RJ Bradbury