Privacy Policy

This policy defines how data is collected and used for the business of RJ Bradbury Photography. Some data is collected directly on this site ( ) and some via third parties such as Mail Chimp (used for newsletters) & stripe (used to process payments online).

Data Collection & Privacy

As a business I collect information about people and process it accordingly to run the business. I do not share information with third parties other than the services stated above that are required to provide payment services and newsletter services.

Your data is not passed on to any other source, company or service and nor is it used to spam you with marketing information. I respect your privacy and your time.

The Newsletter

For my newsletter I use MailChimp for the simple reason that it works great and they also respect individuals & my data.

The information collected on the sign-up form is done so to provide you the subscription to the newsletter and to also provide information that will help me serve my customers better.

The information held is.   

1.       Your Name. This is purely so I can be friendly in the newsletters and address you by your name instead of saying Hi Person. It also helps me remember names.

2.       Email address.  This is so that the newsletter can be sent out to you when published.  Nothing more.

3.       A Bit About You. In this section I ask if you are a person / business looking for a photographer or a photographer looking for photography training. 

I don’t ask for any further info on the newsletter sign up page.

The information that is collected upon signing up to the newsletter is used purely to facilitate the delivery of my newsletter when published and to help me gauge what type of content may be more interesting to people over all.  

Legal Basis

Every person on my mailing list is there because they have chosen to sign-up/subscribe.  Under GDPR this is known as “ Data subjects consent”

Un-subscribing & Leaving the mailing list  

Every newsletter email sent out includes the option to unsubscribe should anyone wish to.

Booked Photography Services, Studio Hire & Photography Training

During the booking of photography services and or training/workshops I will collect information only to enable me to process your payment ( or refunds where needed) and to fulfill the clients requirements.  

Financial and personal Information is share with stripe which is the service used to deal with payments.  I do not have access to nor store any card or bank details.  The information provided during booking also allows for email receipts to be sent out automatically by stripe so that the customer knows that they have booked.

Financial information

Financial information is held for records and tax purposes only. I reserve the right to share said data to prepare my accounts with an accountant or if requested to do so by the Inland Revenue.

Legal Basis

The data I hold for providing business services is necessary in order to provide the said service.  Under GPDR this is known as “Contractual performance”

Viewing & Deleting Data

A person has the right to view data held on them. If you wish to exercise that right please contact me.

A person has the right to request that data held about them is deleted. To exercise this right please contact me. Please do note that for legal reason not all data can be deleted, for example data that is required for tax purposes or where said ata is required to be able to provide a service that you have paid/booked for. If you still wish to delete the data held, I may have to terminate the service that is being provided.

Thank You
RJ Bradbury