Chase Jarvis Live #cjlive with Zack Arias


Sat watching @chasejarvis & @zarias on Chase Jarvis live –

A great talk between Chase Jarvis and Zack Arias about life as photographers, failures and successes whilst answering questions live from viewers and followers on twitter.

I fired a question out to Chase and Zack via twitter  -

“After becoming inspired by something or someone what's the next step in the creative process for you guys to make your inspiration work”

Here is there answer…

Quoted below – They both said that once you have been inspired by something or someone then yes get is down on paper, lay it out on a white board then go do it.. don't get bogged down about the details or worry about how or where.. Just Do it!

"Nobody's impressed with the stuff in your head. We're impressed with the stuff you put out in the world.  Just Do It!”

A simple yet great answer.. Just do It! .. I have been guilty in the past of worrying about the little details or thinking about things too much and its time to Just Do It! say yes, have a go and be prepared for the knockbacks that WILL then just get up and carry on anyway.

I recently shot an event for a TV, Film and Theatre networking , which I just said yes to… no err or maybe or buts' I just did it and so far so good, the client loves the work has already asked for other work or coverage of another similar event later in the year, and here is the killer…other potential work is on the cards thanks to the Networking & Relationship starting that came from shooting the Event – More on this on another post. 

All this also links to a great article I read today, Written by Steven Pressfield ..which addresses procrastination .. the number 1 single and greatest excuse,cop out or reasons that prevents creative's from taking action…. Read More Here

Thank You