I have spent the last few weeks looking/staring at printed versions of my work stuck to my wall at home, why?  To try and figure out what will go in to my portfolio and what won’t. It’s not easy.

Tonight I just went live with the first revision of it... too soon? may be.. but the fact remained It was long over due.  I needed to get something out there and ask for feed back from not only friends and fellow photographers I know but others as well.

It's going to change.... allot over the next few weeks/months, I plan to create a book as well at some point (no not a sit down and read book) that showcases my work but before I do that I need to shoot some more work, gather feedback etc.

Oh if you have any feed back on the work that I have added to my portfolio send me an email, I appreciate the images don’t have titles on so you may need to describe the image.  Fact is I am not keen on image titles and would like the Photograph to stand by its self so the viewer is unguided/influenced by a name.