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Earlier today I put out a tweet and Facebook status suggesting a Google + hangout this coming Saturday Evening (Tomorrow). This hangout is to meet and chat to some of the followers of my tutorials and is something I have been meaning to do for ages.

I will have my 60D and 5D2 to hand, the 500D however was sold a while back but feel free to join in and talk about that camera or any Canon EOS (will test my memory).  I have completed the series of tutorials on the 500D and am getting through the ones for the 60D.  I have been asked to produce a series for the Canon 5D2 also (Hi Kathryn) but so far have no plans to as I don't think an audience exists for it.

The idea of this Hang Out is to talk about the cameras, photography, images and to meet some of you guys.

Now I can’t please everyone regarding the time I run this, I'm on UK (GMT Time) so I apologise if the time is a little difficult. 

Ok the Hangout will be run at 8PM (GMT UK/London) Time tomorrow (Sat 24th Nov). You can do a simple Google search to get a converted time or use the clock of your computers operating system.

My G+ Profile can be found here

I will tweet out, G+ and Facebook the hangout when it goes live.

If you don't have a Google + account (you will need one) you can sign up

I won’t be recording or live streaming this Hangout as I have no idea if people would be cool with that or not (don't want to put people off).  If it goes well and people request a live/recorded version I will reconsider it on the next one.

I think the Hang Outs have a 10 person limit so its first come first served so to speak.

So I hope to see you in the hangout.

Crap I better go shave.