#HrdLight – Karina

You may have read my previous post about starting a new project #HrdLight well I wanted to hit the ground running with this.  I had a shoot on location yesterday in Liverpool (More on this shoot later) and while I was keeping the project in mind I wanted to get the shots the subject wanted in the bag first.. remember when working with a subject on location (model, client, what ever) its a collaboration always.. your working as a team.

As it turns out the conditions (25mph winds) kind of dictated the type of light that could be used, that type of light was unmodified bare.. #HrdLight Smile  .. If I had tried to used a softbox or umbrella it would of been game over (Wind 1 , Modifier 0).  So to kick start this project off here is my first #Hrdlight frame and incidentally one of the first real frames from my new Camera.

One more thing to say… Karina you were an absolute star and coped with the difficult conditions amazingly.. Thank You. 


FYI - If you or you known somebody would like to be photographed (18 Years or older) as part of this project then you can email me here  Please use "#HrdLight" in the email subject. I am only looking for people in and around  Stockport, Manchester and Liverpool (Basically local).

If you have any questions about this project if you are considering contacting me about being photographed for it let me know. 

Thank You