#HrdLight–Sevensin…Steam Punk

Another frame for my #HrdLight project.  Taken at a local studio.

#HrdLight - Sevensin ... Steam Punk

2 Light used in this.  Key light is a Bowens studio head with a 30 Degree Grid boomed over head (love that position) and the background light had a bare reflector and red gel.

Jess (Sevensin) was great to work with and really suited this type of light, I asked Jess for a strong symmetrical pose.. hands on  hips (use this allot) to create shapes/symmetry in the frame.

A larger version of this image can been seen in the Gallery for this project.

Really enjoyed this shoot and will be looking in to Steam Punk some more in 2013.


#HrdLight - Sarah Mansfield…

Been a while since I added to the gallery for this project (its nearly complete).

The reason I enjoy using Hard Light so much is its simplicity, the depth and drama it can create.  You will all now know I am a huge fan of dramatic light and use of shadows.  Shadows help tell the story, show depth and shape.. with out shadows things a flat, boring and well just Meh!.

Sarah Mansfield ...

Sarah Mansfield ...

I knew it had to be black & white (highlight and shadow), the light, tones and location just screamed drama and black & white.  Lit with a single speed light modified with an Opteka 1/4 Grid (same thing as the Honl but cheaper), I own 3 of these things (2 are a tighter pattern) and I love them.  Sarah's look and complexion handled hard light with ease.  You can see a larger version in the gallery for the #HrdLight project.

I have a few more images to shoot for this project then its on to the next one, which I can’t wait for.