Rachael F

#HrdLight–(Rachael F)–Shut Up!

Continuing on with my #HrdLight project this is the second image.

#HrdLight - (Rachael)  Shut Up !

#HrdLight - (Rachael) Shut Up !

Taken using one speedlite with a 1/4 grid and some pain in the ass suddenly unreliable wireless triggers (time to change them, gave up counting after 10 misfires). 

I took other frames but for some reason this simple frame stood out to me, pretty sure its the fact the image is lit to show the top more than her face  (different way of doing it).

Thank you Rachael for working with me.

During shooting I also talked to Rachael and another model I have worked with about a shot I have in my head for this project, its always good to talk about ideas and collaborate, get a team together. I won’t go in to any detail about this planned shot here but I will say its going to take some planning.  Can’t wait.