Baby Freddie –3 Months

I was booked to shoot Baby Freddie again after the last shoot in Dec 2010 and its amazing to see how much he has grown in the last 3 months.

So white background sheet set up and key light in place, now all I need is a subject to find my exposure… In walks Puds, but what cracks me up is the look on her face and the fact that my clients have this framed which is great

When Cats Assist

Here are some of my favourite images of Freddie from the shoot, which was great fun.


Baby Freddie..3 Months



4.) This ones is my personal favourite- Can also be found in my Portfolio.

5.) After a great shoot Freddie was a little tired out, as was I.


Freddie your an absolute star, and a big thank you must go to Freddie's parents Esther & Phil.

RJ Bradbury