Project Announcement: #HrdLight (Hard Light)


Model: Hazel Clarke

Just a quick blog post  about a new project I am starting.  Its a personal project/personal work…but may include work from client shoots also.

Some of you may of guessed what the project is from the title #HrdLight – It’s a portrait project based on using and experimenting with hard light.. no large softboxes, umbrellas in fact no soft anything… just hard light.  The example above is just that an example, I want to shoot all new work for this project.

Hard Light (#HrdLight) can come from using strobe, mid day sun, torches… the list goes on.. its all about the size of the light in relation to the size of your subject and also the working distance as working far away can make a large light source hard (Think Sun).  

What is hard light? - Well its Hard/Harsh Light... you will get shadows and a very hard lines between hightlight & shadow (Light and darker) areas of an image, to what degree depends on how its used.

Why hard light?  Well why not Smile -  no seriously I love it..and like drama and shadows so want to experiment and grow my use of hard light,  will it work for every subject..may be.. maybe not depends on how you use it but it will be fun to find out.

This will be an on-going project and not a 365 picture a day project.. I am planning to shoot models, friends, family, strangers (read anyone I can get in front of the camera) for this.  

Whilst its a project based on using #HrdLight I will still be working with my subjects to make the images, getting to know them and working to find a frame that suits them as well... so there is more to this than a project based around a way of using light, as always with portrait work you have a subject to work with / understand. 

Images will be blogged on this site and sent out on twitter with the #HrdLight and I will also add them to my 500px account until the project is complete and can be added to a gallery / page on this site.

I’m shooting tomorrow no wait today (crap its 2:15am) so I’m hoping to get the first image for the project. 

FYI - If you or you known somebody would like to be photographed (18 Years or older) as part of this project then you can email me here  Please use "#HrdLight" in the email subject. I am only looking for people in and around  Stockport, Manchester and Liverpool (Basically local)

If you have any questions about this project if you are considering contacting me about being photographed for it let me know. 

Thank You