The reason I have been quiet...

Some of you who know me in person are aware of this already and have given words of encouragement and advice.  Thank you and sorry I am such a PITA at times.

For those who don't or who have read some seemingly strange posts on-line this is why.

Now it's not 100% yet as I have some stuff to figure out and a few people to talk to still. The downside is the noise in my head which consists of static mixed with a crap load of what if's and fear...

What if it fails?, what if I fail?, is the space right?, can I shoot worth a dam and make the space work, is it worth the risk.

I am a self-confessed over thinker with this stuff. 

Where does this self doubt come from? Hell I have no idea but I need to bury it for more reasons than that dam space above.

Recently I wrote a post and have it set for a scheduled release in July 2015, I really want to press publish now and follow what's in that post but ... if I pull the trigger on this studio I will have to kill that post. #mysteriousmuch :)

The last 2 weeks in my brain have consisted of ...

You can do this, go for it. What's the worst that can happen after all life is full of risks right?... to are you effin crazy what if you suck or fail, what if you can't get people through the door., really you want to do this in 2015 when the economy is still on it's ass!?. 

Yet something feels right about it.  I can't put my finger on it, and am not able to put it in to words right now.  May be sometimes you need to think with your heart and not your head... F**K I don't know. 

I have ideas for such a space beyond using it to shoot portraits in.  Those ideas have the potential to work and to help the local community and others in the photography industry. 

Can someone please come and slap me and tell me to make a freaking decision already. I will expand on this post further once the beginning of March comes round.  Until then I will try to quiet the noise in my head.

May be it's as simple as taking that step off the edge and seeing what happens.