multi strobe

Image Post: Hazel Clarke .. I’m not alone.

I made this image the other night at a multi strobe event at a local studio (Ians Studio) where I sometimes work and shoot.  The idea of the evening was to make images using multiple strobes so  2 or more, in this image I used 2 speedlites.

Hazel Clarke... I'm not alone.

The idea was to imply fear and hesitation going up the stairs and create the impression she is not alone. One of the two lights were placed at the top of the stairs (with a snoot & grid) being held by a good friend of mine Kevin,  the second light is not shown in the frame but is just on the other side of the banister on an 9 ft stand bouncing a bare speedlight off the ceiling tiles.  The job of the second light was to light Hazel up a touch from behind, the rest of the exposure is ambient.

One problem I had no matter how I gridded, snooted and flagged the main light (top of stairs) I got a highlight on the right hand wall… I figured out its was the reflective nature of the wall so made the choice to reframe and hide it behind Hazel.

The ambient light was shot underexposed by 2 stops at ISO800 F7.1  1/125th sec, just enough to lift the environment with the rest of the work done by flash.  I could of opened up but wanted the DOF and the star flare that you see. 

I like this frame not only because I like dramatic light/images but also the framing, I really enjoy shooting wide with the 35mm, its allowed me to get close to fill the frame and still capture what's happening in the scene.

Thank you Hazel as always it was great to work with you again.