A Live Photo shoot anyone? Chase Jarvis - Live

Here I am sat typing this article whilst I watch a live feed of one of my favourite pro commercial photographers (Chase Jarvis).  Chase Jarvis has been right at the forefront of social media and networking via twitter, youtube, facebook his blog and now his very own  thebestcamera.com and he has done may collaborative projects both with stills and video as well as free large scale photo community meet ups via flickr

Now just when you thought he could do no more we have a full on live (via Ustream) photo shoot at his Seattle based Studio….Awesome.  Im just annoyed I may have to miss some of this due to working early tomorrow. 

Click here for the live feed.

The shoot is for a bands album cover, that band are Brent Amaker and The Rodeo I have not listened to their music before so can’t recommend them yet but I will do If I like what I hear during their performance during the shoot later. 

The shoot as I type this is still in the stages of set building , lighting and tweaking.  Talent and makeup artists are all at studio getting ready for shooting all very exciting stuff.  Got to say I would much rather be working on a project in a studio like this than doing what I do for a living at the moment, looks awesome fun and its creative but I have allot to learn before anything like that and thanks to photographers like Chase Jarvis I am learning.

I will fill out this article after the event but for now Chase & Team, Brent Amaker and The Rodeo thank you for sharing this collaborative project..I certainly look forward to seeing the results.

In appreciation for this Chase Jarvis Live event I have based my 365 shot for today on this shoot.

Here's Today's 365 - 365 2010 Day 29 - Time to Chill & Watch Chase Jarvis Live ...

365 2010 Day 29 - Time to Chill & Watch Chase Jarvis Live ...