HDDSLR Video Shoot - c3stockport - Expressions of Love - Photography Exhibit, Launch Party

HDDSLR what does that mean? It mean High Definition Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera, and is a term that has arisen since the release of DSLR's like the Canon 5DMkII. Nikon D90, Canon 500D etc which can shoot HD Video.

What does this have to do with c3stockport and a Photography Exhibition? Well...
Week before last I was approached by Lisa Chan Brown of c3stockport (yatty on flickr) to cover the launch party with video, I replied offering HD video using my Canon EOS 500D & the shoot was arranged.

A Bit About c3stockport (www.c3stockport.net)

c3stockport is a network of people and groups with Christian community at its heart. They are also a creative group with many different creative outlets, one of which being photography.

The Shoot

Prior to the shoot I did some research on the location to get an idea of lay out & space, after seeing stills of the gallery space I decided a static tripod setup would not work as many details and moments would of been missed.

I chose to go with a make shift mobile steady cam setup to allow more freedom whilst shooting, and since I don't own a Merlin rig (see here - also note pricey) I used a manfrotto 790B Mono Pod as my camera platform.
Now using any steady cam rig does not guarantee smooth footage, it takes practice and allot is down to the operator. Im still practicing/learning.

I made sure I arrived early to scout the location first hand before shooting, taking in to account lighting in particular.

Overall I am happy with the results considering this was the second HDDSLR Video shoot I have done, and I expect results will improve with more practice & with a home made steady cam rig I have plans to build but more on that at a later date.

How did the shoot go? It went well I really enjoyed the creative challenge both during shooting & editing, I also got to meet some new people who I only knew from twitter (@rjbradbury) & networked with a few photographers ..hey I even got to shoot a Canon 1Dmk2 thanks to the kind owner – Could the Owner of said 1Dmk2 give me a shout if you read this as your name escapes me right now..I'm also wondering how those shots I took came out? :)

Before I show you the video I would like to thank Lisa, c3stockport & staff at Broadstone Mill Ltd for a warm welcome & a great exhibition. I will be re attending to have another look during February so I will have more time to appreciate the work on display.
The exhibition is being shown through out February at Broadstone Mill, Houldsworth Village, Stockport. Details can be found at the links below.



Now on to the video...
Video : c3stockport Expressions of Love - Launch Party.
Shot on : Canon EOS 500D,720p 30fps, Canon ef-s 18-55 is lens, Manfrotto Mono Pod.

You can click HERE if you want to watch a larger version on You Tube, you will also be able to comment as well. Don't forget to click the watch in HD 720p :)

I have enjoyed the process and learnt allot both from the shoot/editing and feedback that has been provided. 

You can find other articles about the exhibition in the link below (I will update this as I find them).

Kate Johnson (Kajo Photo) – Blog Article   (Thank you for the links Kate)

I look forward to working,creating,learning and shooting with c3stockport and its members in the future.

All footage shot and edited by Richard J Bradbury (C)
Stills (C) Richard J Bradbury

Additional stills provided Courtesy of Lisa Chan Brown LRPS
Royalty free music provided courtesy of www.danosongs.com

Thank You