Client Work (3 Family Shoots 1 Day part 2) – Harry & George Hughes

Part 2 of this blog series is shoot number 2 of 3 than took place on that busy day.

This shoot was with Harry & George Hughes; they arrived with Grandma as mum and Dad were working.

I kept on the white seamless for this shoot.  Reason is its cleaner.. Allot cleaner.  If you shoot on grey or black paper backgrounds with no boards / plexi it does not look as neat as a white seamless set does.

A great shot of them both together.  Brothers and at this point friends.

We then moved on to some images of just Harry.

As you will see through this set of photographs of Harry the expressions became more fun and silly.  This was in a bid to get little brother George back in to the shoot.

Yeah Harry found a hat.  Kids love these hats.. but sometimes I wish I would remember to hide them for longer.  But it was the hat that got George back in to the shoot.. he loves that hat.

Little George checking out Harry’s Spiderman impression.

Harry was enjoying moving around at this point which can always make for some interesting images.

This was Harry talking about his super heroes with George listing in.

I managed to get Grandmar Judith in front of the camera for one shot.  That toy truck belongs to one of my god sons did not think I was going to get it back off George.

The next set of images are of George not wanting Harry near his cushion… not even close.

Get off its mine!

Next I got Harry talking about his favourite super heroes again.. do this and he’s away and can talk for ages.. you may also make him get up find another hat and start kicking the you know what out of imaginary bad guys.  Come on we have all done that before.

Just enough time at the end to have a face pulling.. face off.

Thank you Harry, George, Judith and Mum & Dad for another fun shoot.  And again thank to Ian’s Studio for the studio space.

For the photographers:  Keep it simple, simple light and simple set.. make it about the kids and about the family.  Oh watch out for hats :)

Shot with a Canon 5D2 and either a 50mm or 85mm prime lens.  I need to (infact just have) add a zoom lens to the kit for studio work, primes can be a bit limiting if you need to shift position quickly.

ISO 250
1/125th sec
F11 – giving some wiggle room with Depth of Field.

All images lit with 2 lights on the background and one 60” umbrella as the main light, reason is simplicity, it’s a huge modifier giving a soft light with good coverage for multiple people on a set.  I used it in reflective configuration as you can get more light from it that way, shoot through takes more power.

Thank you for reading.

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